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Affordable Swimming Pool Maintenance

When you want high-quality swimming pool maintenance done at an affordable price, The Spa Guy Pool Service & Repair in Roseville, California, is the only name you need to know. We have a variety of packages available to handle all your residential pool needs.

Pool Cleaner

Chemicals Only ($70 per Month)

This is the basic service for those homeowners who prefer some "hands on" with their pool but are not comfortable with balancing their water chemistry. We will check these levels weekly and make the necessary adjustments. We also empty your skimmer and pump baskets and clean your pool sweep if needed.

Chemicals & Then Some (Starts at $90 per Month***)

This upgraded service is the most requested, as most homeowners want to enjoy their pool with minimal work. In addition to the weekly check and balance of water chemistry, we will empty skimmer and pump baskets, clean pool sweeps, and brush steps and swim-outs. This service also includes the spring and fall cleaning of your filter assembly. All pool equipment will be monitored for operational issues.

***This fee is subject to pool size and local environment.

Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning ($85 & up)

This service is available for those who do most of their own service but do not want to engage in this messy task. Inspection of the filter assembly is included.

Swimming Pool Vacuuming ($90 & up)

This service is usually a preseason request to eliminate fall and winter debris. Service is available anytime upon request.

Green to Clean
($300 & up)

This process is very labor intensive. A regimented schedule of tasks must be performed to bring your pool back to its original clarity. The fee for this service is based on pool size and the initial condition.

The Green to Clean Recovery Process Includes:

• The Removal of Debris
• Heavy Chlorine Shock
• Algaecide Treatment

• Vacuuming Waste of Residual Debris
• Brushing down All Surfaces to Dislodge Accumulated Algae

• Rebalancing of the Water Chemistry
• A Thorough Filter Cleaning

Contact us in Roseville, California, to have your swimming pool maintained by our professionals.