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Words From Our Clients

The Spa guy has been servicing my pool for a long time now. We have received nothing but excellent service and advice from Steve.

I highly recommend Steve and his service to all my friends and to all of you.
- Gary G. - Rio Linda, CA.

Can't say enough good stuff about Steve and his work at our pool. Pool Looks the best it ever has. He is reliable and does a thorough job every week. We highly recommend Steve ! .......... David W.
- Lincoln, CA.

Thank you so much for keeping my pool crystal clear. Since you have been servicing my pool,it has been great ! I never have to worry about anything. I love that you communicate any unforseen issues with the equipment with me. ..........Carol S.
- Citrus Heights, CA.

Steve (The Spa Guy) has provided excellent service to us for several years. Prior to finding him we went through 3 or 4 other service providers who were less than dependable. We never had that problem with Steve.
He's GREAT!! ............ Joe & Kathy S.
- Roseville, CA.

Steve ...Your service is outstanding ! Thank you ...Janice M.
- Rio Linda, CA.

I am one of Steve's customers and I am very pleased with his pool service. Steve is a very reliable individual with great customer service skills. ........ Judge R.
- Roseville,CA.

Came home on a Sunday to find my pool a beautiful cloudy green and remembered that "The Spa Guy" had dropped a business card by my home when the pool was being built. I called him and he said , "I'll be right over"...I was surprised. Steve showed up about 5 minutes later, took a look at the pool and said, "Don't worry.... I'll be back tomorrow and you will be swimming in a few days" We decided then and there to sign up for Steve's weekly service and have been very pleased. Thanks Steve ! ......... Jim S.
- Roseville, CA.

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